Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's been rough...

I was looking at all the Pugmire blogs tonight (which I haven't done in more months than I can remember) and realized that I need to catch everyone up on what has been happening in our little family.
Well, Kel is doing really well at work. The hours are long and stressful but he feels accomplished. In March, I decided that I was going to start a graphic design company. This is my passion and all I ever wanted to do was work for a magazine. Well, I got one step better - I'm the boss. It's going really well, I've gotten some really big accounts and am so grateful for that.
Hailee is loving Kindergarten! Ms. Vibber is such a great teacher and Hailee comes home every day telling something new she learned. They are even learning Ti Kwon Do (Sorry I can't spell!). I have to remind her we only beat up bad people. She's funny.
Then there's Payton, our little guy has really had a rough year. In February, he started having constant daily diarrhea. After a month of that, I took him to the Dr to find out what was wrong with my son. I was informed that it was just Toddler Diarrhea and it'll go away. Well, it's now November and the problem persists. We have had him to chiropractors thinking it was his elio cecal valve that was open, he's be better for a few days then start all over. I've had him to energy healers. I finally took him to Phoenix Children's Hospital to a GI specialist, they have run SO many tests; from stool - blood - boipsys - etc. The beginning of October they did an Endoscopy, Colonoscopy and 9 biopsy's of his upper and lower intestines. He's been to allergists (the best in AZ). Every test they have run comes back normal or clean. At this point we are so far beyond what to do, he's had blessings and they've said he'll get better one day. It's made me question how much faith do I really have. At times I feel like I need to just get down on my knees more and pour out my soul to my Father in Heaven to help my son. He's now 26 months old and weighs 24 lbs. The funny thing - he's such a happy little boy you would never know he's sick. When Kel and I look at him, our hearts are over filled with love and happiness that we were blessed with this child. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
In the beginning of May, we had to put Sassy to sleep. It was hard, but you know she had lived such a good and mischievous life. We miss her alot. At the end of July we decided we were finally going install a backyard! We poured the concrete and it looks amazing! I bought the kids a massive playset, Bill and Reese spent so many hours here sanding it so we could refinish it so the children wouldn't get splinters.
The day we poured out concrete (August 1st), we made a family trip to look at pavers for the yard. While walking I didn't notice the water on the ground and slipped and injured my ankle badly. Hailee was holding my hand and crashed straight onto her forehead. Now, 3 months later, they still can't determine what is wrong with my foot/ankle. I've been to therapy - podiatrist - orthopaedic surgeon. The OS thinks that I have a rare nerve damage injury, so I'm being sent to a neurologist and to get a bone scan to look for brakes. The pain is so horrible, hopefully they can figure out something soon. Between my foot and Payton, we've really had a rough few months around here.
On a good note Kel was called to Elder's Quorum Secretary. It's been so good for him! Then a few months after that he was called to be EQ 2nd Counselor. This calling has really allowed him to make some good friends. Chris is his hunting buddy. Hunting has become Kelvin's new obsession. He's so knowledgeable about all the different aspects to the sport. We really didn't go camping this year like we hoped to, life got crazy and busy. I'll try to be better and update more often. Hope you enjoyed the pics!