Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Exciting News!

Last November, I started working with Seriesse International, which is a nutritional , skin care, and cosmetic company that is owned and co-founded by Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin-Stallone. The products are amazing and I can totally use them where I'm allergic to everything else that's on the market. I became a Consultant, but never really got going until I went to PST (Perpetual Success Training) in Los Angeles in November. I had actually only gone to LA originally to meet with Jennifer Flavin-Stallone and give her a Heritage Makers storybook that I had made for her that was about her journey from growing up really dirt poor to modeling to creating serious skin care then joining forces with Sly to create Seriesse International. The book turned out amazing and her brother Patrick, who I'm friends with, set up dinner with her while I was in LA. I decided to go to California to give Jennifer this book, not to ever do anything with my business because I already run a few other businesses and I'm a mom and I'm crazy busy all the time! I went to the training because Patrick told me Jen would ask how I was liking the training and my thoughts on it. By the time the weekend was over I saw the "Big" picture and realized what an idiot I was not working this business! I'm 4 levels from the top, total ground floor and I have sat back and watched this business pass by me. I went to dinner with Jen and gave her the book I made, she was blown away. She said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever given her. We talked alot. She was genuinely interested in me and my children and family. We had a real conversation, she gave me "mom advise". It was really awesome because I've been having a hard time lately and feel inadequate and she said things to me that made me realize that I am a good mom and I try my hardest. She grabbed my hand and said you know what honey, we are the same. Just because I live in Beverly Hills means nothing, we all came from the same place and I'm just like you. She is such a remarkable person and I really look up to her and all her hard work and dedication she has not only for her companies but her family as well. The night we had dinner, they were actually having a small get together at their house, but she ditched it to come hang out with me and a few others. After dinner with her and after the training I decided that I really needed to work this business and I can see the potential in this company. Sly and Jen started this company with their own money, they own the manufacturing plants so they have control over the quality of the products, so I can rest assured that they are going to be around for a LONG time! Well in December I decided I was going to get going and in 1 month I went from being a Consultant to a Senior Manager. I moved up 4 levels. It's crazy how out of all the MLM companies I have worked for and couldn't get excited because I never believed in the products, but these are proven and I KNOW they work and I use them daily. Seriesse pays 17% more than any other MLM company out there. What's even better (which Kelvin likes) is that it's all online so I have no inventory, the customers purchase on my website and the company sends them their products. It's awesome! My goal is by the end of February I will be a Director with the company and also as an added bonus which is a one time shot because it will never be offered again, if I hit Director by March then I also will become a Founder in the company which means a 5% BONUS at the end of the year on my total team sales. That will be huge for me! I'm super excited and I know that I'm going to be successful with the company!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Sinus Surgery (January 20th)

After my BNI meeting this morning, I went and picked Hailee up from my mom's house and took her to preschool. Then I had to drive to Paradise Valley Area to go back to the Ear Nose Throat Doctor. I had some pretty major sinus surgery back in July 2008. I had multiple cysts in my sinuses, rhinoplasy to correct my septum which was so crooked it went into my maxillar sinus cavity, cleaned out my sinuses, and turbine reduction on the right nostril. Well a few month back I wasn't breathing very well so the Dr. did an in office surgery to my left nostril. He did a terbinite reduction with a small laser. I was freaked out to have this surgery. He stuck a cotton swab up my nose with numbing stuff then after a few minutes he took a needle and shot more numbing agents into my terbinites so I wouldn't feel it. The only horrible thing was I could smell the smoke, afterwards I was drinking my favorite Sobe and it tasted like campfire. YUCK! Well... thinking that everything would then be all fine and good, I was still having issues breathing through my nose. At my follow up appointment last week he noticed that my terbinites has started swelling again. Seriously?! So I made an appointment and this time he needed to laser blast both nostrils. That leads to today, I went to the Dr and he numbed my nose again. This time though the right nostril was hurting! I could totally feel the shots. Some of the fluid run down my throat I could taste blood and started gagging. The nurse ran and got me a bowl. Dr. Gutman kept telling me to put my head back so I wouldn't get blood on my shirt. (How thoughtful of him!) After a few minutes her started the surgery and the left side wasn't too bad, but the right side was hurting! he had to remove enough though just incase. I have a follow up in a month to see if it worked. He did notice however, that my septum started to move back and if mine moved even 2mm it can close off my airway since my nose is so small. So when he checks me in a month if it's moved then back in for more Rhinoplasty! Please pray hard that my nose will be fine! And my sinuses will miraculously clear up. I'd love to be able to breath normally again. I haven't been able to breath properly since I got my tonsils and annoids out in 1998. It's been a long time! I'll keep you updated when I know the results of this surgery. I'll post pictures soon of my sinus surgery from July when I scan them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Griffin's Birthday Party (January 10th)

My my friend Sara, who is an AMAZING natural light photographer, her little boy Griffin turned 4 today! Hailee and Griffin became good friend a few months ago. Hailee really liked him. So the kids and I went over to their house for his party. Hailee and Payton thought it was so wonderful to actually play outside! They even had a swing set. The kids were so happy! Tim, Sara's husband, made this really delicious BBQ chicken that he marinated in an herb sauce. It was so good! The kids had hot dogs, which are their favorite. It was funny while Hailee was swinging, Tim picked Payton up so he could slam dunk the basketball into the net. Then when he couldn't reach it after Tim walked away, he knocked it over then put the ball into the net that way. He's suck a smart little boy. The kids rode around in the wagon, and played with toys, Payton even was riding a little trike with help of course. It was really fun. Griffin torn through his presents, I've never seen anyone open presents that quickly before. LOL! Then we had cake, Sara's kids have lots of food allergies so she made cupcakes that were egg free, she substituted applesause for the eggs and they were so delicious! Very moist! Good job Sara! We just had such a good time, Payton started getting super crabby (nap time!) so we went home. The kids really enjoyed themselves.

Payton's "O" face... (January 8th)

Today was so funny. Payton started making an "O" face when he'd do something wrong. Afterwards, he'd laugh. Just watching him make this face makes me laugh so hard, you'll see...

Marissa's In Town! (Jan 3rd)

Well Marissa (Kel's little sister) finally cam home! Hailee has been so excited that she was coming to visit since she has been living in Boston for quite some time now. As I was talking to Hailee last night she was so sad that Auntie didn't live here anymore and that she couldn't play with her all the time. She started crying that she missed her Rissa. We met up with Marissa, Gayle, and Ric over near the Mesa Marketview at Famous Dave's. Hailee love's the pig place next to Bass Pro Shop! We had a nice lunch with them and Payton made quite the mess eating cornbread. Hailee had to have Marissa sit right next to her. After lunch we all went over to Bass Pro Shop and saw the fish and walked around for a while. Marissa and Hailee stopped to pose at the Christmas display and pet the fake reindeer. The boys were looking at Fly Fishing stuff (their new hobby) and then we went upstairs and looked at the camping equipment. The kids thought it was fun to go inside the tents.
Then we had to say goodbye and Marissa was going back home in a few days. It sure was good to see her though, she has to be one of my kids favorite aunts!

Just Like Daddy!

So on December 26th (i'm so behind on this!) Kelvin was working and I was home with the kids just cleaning the house, taking the Christmas stuff down, etc. Then Payton found Kelvin's hat at decided he was going to wear it all around. It reminded me of Hailee when she was Payton age, even now, how they want so much to be just like their Daddy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you Father in Heaven

I know I've been really bad about updating this and I will update what's happened in the last little bit soon, but I really wanted to just thank my Heavenly Father tonight. We had a little episode with Hailee which I'll get into in another post, but in doing so it awakened Payton. After I got Hailee back in bed, I went and made a bottle and got some Motrin for Payton because he hasn't been feeling very well today. He spent the night at my mom's last night because I was at a business meeting and when I got back to her house he was already asleep. Not a big deal... when I got him today we notice he had a little fever and I put him to bed and he took a 5 hour nap. When he woke up, my mom fed him some yogurt and he threw it up all over her. Good times! We got both of them cleaned up, he just was lethargic and laid on me for a little while. Finally he started playing with the kitchen play food with Hais. I fed him some dinner, which he kept down, and gave him a quick bath. Then got him ready for bed and put him to sleep. He slept a few hours before the Hailee episode, then I took the bottle and medicine to his room. He was crying, I pick him and and set him on the changing table, he was screaming. He was also burning hot. He would not let me put his pants back on but that's ok cause he had a fever and needed to cool down anyways. I tried to give him his bottle, not having that! I took him to Kel so I could find his orajel. I put some of that in his mouth. I took him back to his room and was just rocking him. He was just laying on my chest having a hard time breathing and was so hot. I decided to put my faith in the lord and started praying and I told Heavenly Father how uncomfortable Payton was and that I KNEW he could stop this and to please make Paytie comfortable and make the fever go away so he could sleep peacefully through the night. Miraculously, Payton coughed a few times then within seconds his body was cool and he relaxed. I am so grateful to have such a loving Heavenly Father who I know listened to my prayer and answered it. I tried to put Payton back in his bed but he just wanted to be held so I went and laid on the couch with him for a few minutes. Then he decided to get down and then I took him to his room and he drank his bottle, snuggled for a minute, then went to sleep.
It's weird how you hear stories like this all the time, but until it happens to you, you don't understand the feeling of gratitude a mother has when the Lord hears our prayers and through our faith we can be healed.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crabby Baby!

So for the last couple of days Payton has been super crabby! I figured he was teething, but those bottom teeth won't come in! Anyways, last night, he wouldn't go to sleep so I went and got him out of his bed so he could see Kelvin. Kelvin was eating ice cream in our bed watching football of course. Payton crawled over to him and was signing and saying "more, more". Kel gave him a bite of ice cream. Then he thought that was good so he wanted more. Kel put some on a spoon then was teasing him putting it close to his mouth then pulling it back. Payton was laughing he thought it was so funny. Then Kelvin would give him a bite. Then Kelvin was tickling him and I noticed a white thing in his mouth. I stuck my finger in there and he had cut 3 molars. No wonder he was so crabby!