Sunday, January 18, 2009

Griffin's Birthday Party (January 10th)

My my friend Sara, who is an AMAZING natural light photographer, her little boy Griffin turned 4 today! Hailee and Griffin became good friend a few months ago. Hailee really liked him. So the kids and I went over to their house for his party. Hailee and Payton thought it was so wonderful to actually play outside! They even had a swing set. The kids were so happy! Tim, Sara's husband, made this really delicious BBQ chicken that he marinated in an herb sauce. It was so good! The kids had hot dogs, which are their favorite. It was funny while Hailee was swinging, Tim picked Payton up so he could slam dunk the basketball into the net. Then when he couldn't reach it after Tim walked away, he knocked it over then put the ball into the net that way. He's suck a smart little boy. The kids rode around in the wagon, and played with toys, Payton even was riding a little trike with help of course. It was really fun. Griffin torn through his presents, I've never seen anyone open presents that quickly before. LOL! Then we had cake, Sara's kids have lots of food allergies so she made cupcakes that were egg free, she substituted applesause for the eggs and they were so delicious! Very moist! Good job Sara! We just had such a good time, Payton started getting super crabby (nap time!) so we went home. The kids really enjoyed themselves.

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