Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Sinus Surgery (January 20th)

After my BNI meeting this morning, I went and picked Hailee up from my mom's house and took her to preschool. Then I had to drive to Paradise Valley Area to go back to the Ear Nose Throat Doctor. I had some pretty major sinus surgery back in July 2008. I had multiple cysts in my sinuses, rhinoplasy to correct my septum which was so crooked it went into my maxillar sinus cavity, cleaned out my sinuses, and turbine reduction on the right nostril. Well a few month back I wasn't breathing very well so the Dr. did an in office surgery to my left nostril. He did a terbinite reduction with a small laser. I was freaked out to have this surgery. He stuck a cotton swab up my nose with numbing stuff then after a few minutes he took a needle and shot more numbing agents into my terbinites so I wouldn't feel it. The only horrible thing was I could smell the smoke, afterwards I was drinking my favorite Sobe and it tasted like campfire. YUCK! Well... thinking that everything would then be all fine and good, I was still having issues breathing through my nose. At my follow up appointment last week he noticed that my terbinites has started swelling again. Seriously?! So I made an appointment and this time he needed to laser blast both nostrils. That leads to today, I went to the Dr and he numbed my nose again. This time though the right nostril was hurting! I could totally feel the shots. Some of the fluid run down my throat I could taste blood and started gagging. The nurse ran and got me a bowl. Dr. Gutman kept telling me to put my head back so I wouldn't get blood on my shirt. (How thoughtful of him!) After a few minutes her started the surgery and the left side wasn't too bad, but the right side was hurting! he had to remove enough though just incase. I have a follow up in a month to see if it worked. He did notice however, that my septum started to move back and if mine moved even 2mm it can close off my airway since my nose is so small. So when he checks me in a month if it's moved then back in for more Rhinoplasty! Please pray hard that my nose will be fine! And my sinuses will miraculously clear up. I'd love to be able to breath normally again. I haven't been able to breath properly since I got my tonsils and annoids out in 1998. It's been a long time! I'll keep you updated when I know the results of this surgery. I'll post pictures soon of my sinus surgery from July when I scan them.

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