Sunday, January 18, 2009

Marissa's In Town! (Jan 3rd)

Well Marissa (Kel's little sister) finally cam home! Hailee has been so excited that she was coming to visit since she has been living in Boston for quite some time now. As I was talking to Hailee last night she was so sad that Auntie didn't live here anymore and that she couldn't play with her all the time. She started crying that she missed her Rissa. We met up with Marissa, Gayle, and Ric over near the Mesa Marketview at Famous Dave's. Hailee love's the pig place next to Bass Pro Shop! We had a nice lunch with them and Payton made quite the mess eating cornbread. Hailee had to have Marissa sit right next to her. After lunch we all went over to Bass Pro Shop and saw the fish and walked around for a while. Marissa and Hailee stopped to pose at the Christmas display and pet the fake reindeer. The boys were looking at Fly Fishing stuff (their new hobby) and then we went upstairs and looked at the camping equipment. The kids thought it was fun to go inside the tents.
Then we had to say goodbye and Marissa was going back home in a few days. It sure was good to see her though, she has to be one of my kids favorite aunts!

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