Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictures of Keith

Tonight when Kel got home, we went through all the pictures we have on the computer and pulled out the one's we have of Keith. Here they are... We love you!!!

Keith doing the Robot at our Wedding

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Troy's Birthday / UFC Fight

Geoffrey came over about 5:30 PM to babysit the kids so we could go to Troy's birthday party on the east side. We drove out there and it was so nice to meet some of Kelvin's employee's. Troy's boys are so cute! He has 4 of them and the ride motor bikes. They have won so many trophies. I texted Sara and told her she should go to the tracks and take pictures. It was pretty cool seeing the photos they have had taken of them. The friends he had there were all so nice. We met one family that goes to CCV and he used to play for the Rattlers. They were such a nice family and I really liked the wife and their children were adorable! The UFC fights were really entertaining. I can't believe that Forrest Griffin got knocked out, that was crazy! We just had a really good time out alone with no kids. I had been doing the laundry earlier that day and needed to make our bed so when we got home I went in our room and put my shoes in the closet. Then went to go get our bedding, as I was walking out of my room I noticed Hailee passed out in our bed, so Kelvin had to carry her to bed. Silly girl, can't keep her in her own room for anything.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year has flown by so fast I can believe it! Well, Christmas Eve I stayed up late and wrapped presents while Kelvin and Hailee watched Willy Wonka. Then Hailee went to bed and Kelvin put all the presents under the tree. Payton woke up pretty early so I fed him a bottle and put him back to sleep. Hailee came in our room about 9:15 AM so we all got up and got dressed. Hailee was so excited to open presents that she wanted to open everyone's for them. Payton didn't care though. He was so excited to open his guitar. While Kel was taking it out of the packaging he kept grabbing it trying to look at it and play it. After all the presents were open the kids played with them and I finished taking everything else out of its packaging. Then we had to hurry over to my mom's house to open presents with them. It was nice to have my whole family together for Christmas even if it was chaotic. My grandma was really excited about the books my mom and I had made for her. She had started a journaling jar and we put it into a book for her. We also made a book that was of all the pictures they had hanging on the wall in their hallway before we took them all down to paint their house. My grandpa loved the deck of cards I made for him. I put pictures of them dating and from their honeymoon and navy. He started telling me stories of the pictures. It was so neat to see his eyes light up as he started to tell me these stories. My grandparents gave the kids $10 each, it was cute Paytie was just holding it. My mom made the comment to Hailee that now she could put her money in her bank account and start saving her money. Hailee looked at her and said, "I'm not saving it I'm going to buy a toy with it." It was so funny the way she said it was just like duh! what else would I do with my money. But little does she know that it's going in the bank. Christmas was really nice with the family. Payton started to get crabby and whiny which meant he needed a nap! So we went home and put him down and Hais just played with her new toys.
We had a good Christmas this year, it was hard though, having the whole family minus my dad. He loved Christmas so much and I just really haven't been in the Christmas spirit this year. The tree was up and it had lights on the tree, but I never did get the ornaments on the tree. Life just got too crazy and busy this year. Next year though, the kids will be older and life will hopefully have calmed down and we will go all out for Christmas.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

For Christmas Eve this year we spent in with the Pugmires at their house. It was so nice, we had a Ham dinner (tradition). Then after dinner was over we sat in the family room and got to open presents. Hailee was really excited so got an apron and kitchen tools so she can help me cook now. Payton got lots of cars. As tradition, all the grandkids got matching pj's. This year though, grandpa got pj's to match all his grandkids. So cute! All the kids got dressed up and took their pictures with Grandpa. It was really nice and Hailee even though the other kids were running around she was such a good girl and just played nicely with the cousins. Kel's mom cross stitched us a beautiful stitchery of the Mesa Temple where we were married. Marissa called while we were there and we all got to talk to her for a few minutes. Hailee was so glad to talk to her, she misses her so much. I think they have the strongest bond out of all her aunts and uncles. We gave Gayle a book that Marissa and I thought of making. It had all the kids' Santa pictures in it from when they were born 'til they graduated High School. It also had family recipes and traditions, memories from each of the kids. I'm really glad that she enjoyed it so much. We were afraid that she'd be mad that I redid the book that she had once started, but at least this way, the memories are preserved and safe forever. She told me before we left that she was so glad to read the book because earlier that day she was wondering why she puts so much work into Christmas, but now she knows how much it really affected her children's lives and how much they appreciate her for doing that for them.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Funeral

We woke up and went down stair for breakfast at the hotel. Then went back to our room to get ready. We stayed at a hotel in Ontario so then we drove to the McDermott's church ward building. As we pulled up an officer asked if we were part of the family and Kelvin said, "I'm going to say yes. If you mean by blood no, but the fact I lived with them for 6 months, I'd say yes." So the officer told us to park in the family area. As we pulled up I'd never seen so many cops in one area. As we were walking inside I was not ready for this, so many memories from my dad's funeral flooded my mind. We went inside and went to the viewing. We gave all the boys and their wives hugs and told them how much we loved them. We talked to Florence and hugged her. Then we stood in the back of the room near Florence while they talked about Keith for a while, then they opened the casket. Poor Madison, Brian's daughter, kept crying for Grandpa and calling for him. It broke my heart that she had to go through this, at least Brayden is small enough it's not as hard for him. Seeing Keith laying there with his spirit not in his body was so surreal. Kelvin said that it didn't even look like him. After the family, we payed our respects and then went into the chapel to wait for the funeral to start. Keith was a Los Angeles County Sheriff so the force was their. I've never seen so many guns in a church before (LOL!). The funeral was so nice, the musical numbers that were sung were absolutely beautiful and the eulogies were fabulous. The very last song we sang was Silent Night, when Kelvin saw that he laughed. He told me how that was the one and only song that Keith knew how to play on the piano and how at Christmas he always volunteered to play the music so he could play that song. I've snag that song hundreds of times, but it never had meant more or been so hard to sing than at that moment. Keith was such a good man and loved to serve the Lord. He honestly knew what it mean to give Charity (the pure love of Christ). He was always helping everyone and serving the community. At one point, Officer Harr was speaking and he asked those who had worked with Keith in the courts, as an officer, etc. to stand and I was amazed at how many peoples lives had been touched by this man. To give you numbers, they had to start the funeral over 30 minutes later because there was over 1200 people in attendance and the parking lot was so full, they were parking in between the lanes, we couldn't even get out of our parking spot. After the funeral, which was in Rancho Cucamonga , there was a precession line 2 miles long that then drove to Beaumont to the cemetery. They had to close 3 or 4 LA freeways to get us all to the burial. Brian said as he was driving he had the radio on and and they commented about how some war vet or dignitary must have passed because the precession line was so long and was accompanied by all these officers. Brian was so proud he was like that's my dad! One of Keith's best friends dedicated the grave site and then they had a Christmas tree to put on his plot after the casket was buried. It was so nice to see everyone again even under these circumstances. I'm just so grateful that the kids and I were at their house the end of September and decided to stay a few extra days and had the chance to have a few extra days to spend with Keith. I'll always remember my good bye kiss on my forehead as I headed back to AZ. Keith our Family loves you like a Father and with losing my dad I loved you like my own. You have truly touch a very special place in my heart and I will always cherish the memories we shared. We love you and Rest In Peace until we meet again.

If you know Keith and have pictures and stories of your memories with him. Please email them to me. I'd like to put a book together for the family. Please send email to

Home Run!

So Kel got the flu on Sunday night and was up all night long. I've never seen anyone that sick. I was sick but not that sick! Then he had to go to work Monday morning because we were leaving for the funeral Monday night. Kel only worked half a day then we headed off to Cali. I drove the Pilot while Kel slept. It was raining for most of the trip out there, but we got their safely. We stayed at the Fairfield Inn Marriott next to Ontario Airport. The bad thing was that outside our window was the airport. I was up all night, but at least Kelvin got some sleep. So it hit the whole family all four bases! While we were gone though, it did get Payton again. He had diarrhea the entire time we were gone.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Making the Rounds

So early, early, Saturday morning i woke up feeling really sick to my stomach. Sure enough I have the flu too. Unfortunately, Kelvin had to work, so he couldn't take care of the kids, but fortunately, Hailee had spent the night at my mom's house Friday night. Luckily, my flu only lasted about 20 hours. My mom called about 8:40 PM saying Hailee was having diarrhea all day long and that she wanted to be at home. Luckily, I was feeling a little better so I went and picked her up. While I was there my grandpa and Andy gave me a priesthood blessing that my body would heal. I was only sick once more early this morning and have been fine since. Hailee was sick this morning and slept until noon and Payton had diarrhea a few times today and puked once, but he's fine. Kel has been trying to avoid us since it's month end and we have to leave for California tomorrow to go to Keith's funeral. It will be a super quick trip. We'll be leaving Monday night and coming home Tuesday after the funeral. We were supposed to take our family pictures today with my mom, my sister's family, my brother's family, and my grandparents, but my mom and sister got the flu too. So I called Sara and told her we needed to reschedule. Hopefully everyone gets better before Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Prayers Please

Kelvin's 2nd Father, Kieth McDermott (the one he lived with in California while his family was in AZ) passed away this afternoon. Please keep the McDermotts (Florence, Brian & his family, Scott, Adam & Ann, and Luke)in your thoughts and prayers as they have just lost a husband and father. I'm so numb right now, it brings back all my memories of when I lost my dad almost 6 years ago. I know how they feel and hurt so badly for them. We love you guys and we will see you soon at the funeral.
If anyone would like to donate money to the family, I'm sure a bank account will be set up in the next few days and I can get that info for you.

Round 2

Here we go again! I was putting Payton to bed last night and was feeding him a bottle, then he didn't want anymore but wanted me to read to him. All the sudden he coughed then puked all over me. YUCK! So I cleaned him up first (since I'm a nice mom). Then cleaned my self up. I changed him clothes and put him to bed. I went and hopped in the shower to clean up. When Kel left for work this morning, he smelled some foul odor and thought Hailee had been sick again and was looking in the hallway for dirty panties, but found nothing. So he went to work. Payton woke up so I went into his room and changed his diaper and noticed he had a little puke on him but fed him a bottle and put him back to bed. Well, a few hours later when he woke up, the smell was worse so I turned the light on and lifted his blanket and there was puke everywhere! Ewww! He had eaten some raisin bread the night before and I fed him the beef baby food for dinner. Yeah, use your imagination. It was nasty. So I changed his sheets and put him in the bathtub. Washing the throw-up out of his hair and off his face. Poor baby I should have turned his light on the first time. I called Kelvin at work later and told him what happened and that's when he told me about the awful smell that he was looking for, it all made sense. He's fine though, hasn't been sick since. I'm actually thinking that he's allergic to raisins along with carrots and oatmeal. Good times!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silly Payton

I was working trying to get my Heritage Makers Monthly Specials sent out to all my Cusotmers. Hailee decided she wanted to play PBS so I got off the computer and let her play. Well, I walk into the family room and Paytie is just laying on the coffee table watching cartoons. It was so cute!
Then he got bored and decided he was going to tease Sassy with his bagel. I put her outside because she's a vulture and steals his food out of his hands and makes him cry. So she was at the back door barking, so he kept going over there and teasing her. The sit and spin is right in front of the couch and he was standing on it trying to get onto the couch. Obviously, it was working like a treadmill, watch the video. I missed the really funny part, but you'll get the idea.

The Traveling Sickness

Well, we've had quite the week. After my last post, I started giving Payton 1/2 tsp of Amla Rush and within his second dose he's fine!!! It's a miracle! I'm so grateful for all of your prayers. What a relief! Then yesterday, I went to my BNI meeting and had a great time. I left the meeting and pick Hailee up to take her to school. She was just fine. I was working with a new customer so my mom pick Hailee up from school. After she'd be home for a while, she told me her belly was hurting, so I told her to go in and go potty. That was the start of that! For the next 9.5 hours she had diarrhea and was vomiting. I talked to our friend who works in the ER by our house and he said the new studies all show to just keep them hydrated but don't give them anything to stop it. The body is trying to get rid of the bad stuff inside. You know she doesn't feel good when she falls asleep during the day. Luckily, Tyson (my cousin) was home so I was able to take Payton to my Seriesse Business Meeting with my and Tyson watched Hailee. Unfortunatly, for him, while I was gone, Hailee had an accident that he had to clean up. When I got home about 9:45 PM, our Home Teacher, Aaron, came over and they gave Hailee a blessing. She fell asleep on the couch and slept throughout the entire night. Today she's actually feeling better. I'll keep you updated...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Patyon Update

Just a quick update on Paytie... still sick! It was so sweet, Hailee spent the night at my mom's house on Tuesday night (she usually spends the night a few times per week). Hailee was so worried about her brother that when she said her prayers that night she asked Heavenly Father to please bless her brother and make him not sick anymore so he could feel better. What a SWEET sister! She loves him so much! Well yesterday, he was actually doing better, he slept ALOT though. He slept most of yesterday. Then this morning he woke up and was just crying again. I got Hailee ready for school. The entire time, he was just crying and wanting me to hold him and snuggle. I got over here to my mom's house and put him down for a nap. At this point I'm so overwhelmed with his sickness. I know if it's a viral infection, it takes time to just heal itself, but it's been over a month now. We'll keep praying for him and hopefully he'll feel better before all the cousins come in town so he'll be able to be happy and play with Megan, Joseph and Emma. Thanks for all your prayers!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Payton is STILL sick

So, for the last month or so Payton has had this really nasty cold. On Friday night, I actually took him to urgent care because he actually got a fever on top of all the couching and green stuff from the nose. He's always such a happy baby, but he just cries and cries. Of course, by the time I get there his temp was back down in the 99 degree range, clear fluid from the nose, no more crying, etc. The doctor said he just has a viral infection and that his tonsils were swollen. They strep tested him, which he did not like! Came back negative which was good. So we went home and he went to bed, sure enough next morning he's really sick again. Sunday, we didn't even go to church, Paytie just cried all day. Then today, I had my BNI meeting this morning and dropped the kids off at my mom's house. When I got back Paytie was still sleeping, he slept until 10:30AM. My poor baby just looked miserable. He has no appetite at all, just wants his mom. We put him back down for a nap around noon and he slept til 4PM. I'm to the point I don't know what to do for him. Sunday Ben and Kelvin gave him a blessing. Maybe as parents, we need to pray harder for our son to feel better, I don't know. Tomorrow I'm going to give him 1/4 tsp of Amla Rush and see if that will help him. Amla is amazing that's what I gave him small dosages of when he was throwing up all the time and it helped with his digestion. (Google the Amla berry sometime, it's an amazing plant!) Well, for all those reading this, please keep Payton in your prayers and thoughts. And us as parents that we might know what to do to help him recover.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kel & the kids Decorated the House!

Today, I was working a Multi-Vendor Open House, which was really busy today. I had the opportunity to share Seriesse International with alot of people! I love that company, the Stallone's are such amazing people and have created truly wonderful products. Patrick Flavin, jennifer's brother was there to meet all of our customers and talk to them about Seriesse too! Anyways... I was so thrilled to come home and see Christmas Lights on our house! Not only that there was green and red candy canes around the yard. AND there were blue lights around our pillar by the front door! It absolutely made made whole day. I love Christmas and love my house decorated. Kel was so sweet to know how much that having the house decorated means to me. Especially since my dad died, it's been really hard for me because that is something we did together every year. So I'm so glad that Kelvin decorated our house for us it's beautiful!!!

Family Photos

My friend, Sara Carroll, who is an amazing photographer, took our pictures a few weeks ago and I put them into a custom Heritage Makers storybook. You can look at our pictures by turning the pages in the book. The kids have been growing so quickly I can't believe how much they've grown in the last year.

Look Below to See the Book!!!