Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silly Payton

I was working trying to get my Heritage Makers Monthly Specials sent out to all my Cusotmers. Hailee decided she wanted to play PBS so I got off the computer and let her play. Well, I walk into the family room and Paytie is just laying on the coffee table watching cartoons. It was so cute!
Then he got bored and decided he was going to tease Sassy with his bagel. I put her outside because she's a vulture and steals his food out of his hands and makes him cry. So she was at the back door barking, so he kept going over there and teasing her. The sit and spin is right in front of the couch and he was standing on it trying to get onto the couch. Obviously, it was working like a treadmill, watch the video. I missed the really funny part, but you'll get the idea.

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Marissa said...

He's gotten SO BIG over the past couple of months!! I'm so excited to see him after so long and Hailee too!