Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kel & the kids Decorated the House!

Today, I was working a Multi-Vendor Open House, which was really busy today. I had the opportunity to share Seriesse International with alot of people! I love that company, the Stallone's are such amazing people and have created truly wonderful products. Patrick Flavin, jennifer's brother was there to meet all of our customers and talk to them about Seriesse too! Anyways... I was so thrilled to come home and see Christmas Lights on our house! Not only that there was green and red candy canes around the yard. AND there were blue lights around our pillar by the front door! It absolutely made made whole day. I love Christmas and love my house decorated. Kel was so sweet to know how much that having the house decorated means to me. Especially since my dad died, it's been really hard for me because that is something we did together every year. So I'm so glad that Kelvin decorated our house for us it's beautiful!!!

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