Sunday, December 28, 2008

Troy's Birthday / UFC Fight

Geoffrey came over about 5:30 PM to babysit the kids so we could go to Troy's birthday party on the east side. We drove out there and it was so nice to meet some of Kelvin's employee's. Troy's boys are so cute! He has 4 of them and the ride motor bikes. They have won so many trophies. I texted Sara and told her she should go to the tracks and take pictures. It was pretty cool seeing the photos they have had taken of them. The friends he had there were all so nice. We met one family that goes to CCV and he used to play for the Rattlers. They were such a nice family and I really liked the wife and their children were adorable! The UFC fights were really entertaining. I can't believe that Forrest Griffin got knocked out, that was crazy! We just had a really good time out alone with no kids. I had been doing the laundry earlier that day and needed to make our bed so when we got home I went in our room and put my shoes in the closet. Then went to go get our bedding, as I was walking out of my room I noticed Hailee passed out in our bed, so Kelvin had to carry her to bed. Silly girl, can't keep her in her own room for anything.

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