Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

For Christmas Eve this year we spent in with the Pugmires at their house. It was so nice, we had a Ham dinner (tradition). Then after dinner was over we sat in the family room and got to open presents. Hailee was really excited so got an apron and kitchen tools so she can help me cook now. Payton got lots of cars. As tradition, all the grandkids got matching pj's. This year though, grandpa got pj's to match all his grandkids. So cute! All the kids got dressed up and took their pictures with Grandpa. It was really nice and Hailee even though the other kids were running around she was such a good girl and just played nicely with the cousins. Kel's mom cross stitched us a beautiful stitchery of the Mesa Temple where we were married. Marissa called while we were there and we all got to talk to her for a few minutes. Hailee was so glad to talk to her, she misses her so much. I think they have the strongest bond out of all her aunts and uncles. We gave Gayle a book that Marissa and I thought of making. It had all the kids' Santa pictures in it from when they were born 'til they graduated High School. It also had family recipes and traditions, memories from each of the kids. I'm really glad that she enjoyed it so much. We were afraid that she'd be mad that I redid the book that she had once started, but at least this way, the memories are preserved and safe forever. She told me before we left that she was so glad to read the book because earlier that day she was wondering why she puts so much work into Christmas, but now she knows how much it really affected her children's lives and how much they appreciate her for doing that for them.

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thepetbooklady said...

Hi Ashley,
I love your Blog. (I'm a Founding Director with HM and a fellow dog lover) Have a wonderful New Years!

Lisa Taron