Thursday, December 11, 2008

Patyon Update

Just a quick update on Paytie... still sick! It was so sweet, Hailee spent the night at my mom's house on Tuesday night (she usually spends the night a few times per week). Hailee was so worried about her brother that when she said her prayers that night she asked Heavenly Father to please bless her brother and make him not sick anymore so he could feel better. What a SWEET sister! She loves him so much! Well yesterday, he was actually doing better, he slept ALOT though. He slept most of yesterday. Then this morning he woke up and was just crying again. I got Hailee ready for school. The entire time, he was just crying and wanting me to hold him and snuggle. I got over here to my mom's house and put him down for a nap. At this point I'm so overwhelmed with his sickness. I know if it's a viral infection, it takes time to just heal itself, but it's been over a month now. We'll keep praying for him and hopefully he'll feel better before all the cousins come in town so he'll be able to be happy and play with Megan, Joseph and Emma. Thanks for all your prayers!

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