Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip to the Fire Station

So Bill (my adoptive dad)is Captain for City of Phoenix Fire Department. Since the accident Payton talks about fire trucks non-stop. I asked Bill if we could come visit him at the station. The kids were so excited! When we first got there they were out on a call so we had to wait. The ambulance got back first so the kids got a tour of that and got to play inside. Hailee got to sit in the driver seat and look up our house on the computer. Payton was so excited when the truck got back. He ran over to Bill and sat in there with him. Bill strapped the kids into seats in the back and took us for a ride around the block. Payton was really excited to be in the truck but hated it's loudness. He was saying, "I don't fire truck!" He was glad when the ride was over.
After the ride Payton was playing with some of the other firefighters.

They even let him squirt the little fire truck. He thought that was great!

Then when we were all done and it was the 7 year anniversary of my dad's death, we stopped at the cemetery so the kids could see where their grandpa was buried. Hailee loved all the flowers and Payton loved the pinwheels.

Catching Up

Well, the last few months have certainly flown by! Our lives have been pretty crazy the last few months. In December I quit BNI to focus on getting better they finally figured out I have RSD in my foot and ankle. And to focus on figuring out why Payton was still sick. My business really suffered, but my family is more important. I've really been trying to focus on being a better mother and wife. Hailee's teacher decided to quit teaching at Imagine. It was and still is SO hard on Hailee, she now had abandonment issues (she was VERY close to her teacher) and we find her asleep on our floor every night. We are currently trying to break this bad habit. She got a new teacher Ms. Brown and she's really nice, Hailee seems to like her. Payton has his good weeks and his bad ones.
Since our insurance company refuses to pay for my medical treatments in Texas to Dr. Rhodes I decided to set up a silent auction to raise the funds needed. It's been a real blessing in my life to see the Lord work through so many people to help me out. On February 2nd Payton and I had been in Glendale running errands most of the morning. I was going to stop a few more places, but decided Payton needed a nap so we left my mom's (she was watching him so I could run around) and headed home. I was in my Honda Pilot driving South on the Loop 101 in the middle lane (which I never drive in). The car in front of me was going below the speed limit so I was switching to the fast lane. I looked and there was no one there, as I was switching lanes I looked over my shoulder again and a little beige car had sped up to cut me off. I immediately swerved back into my lane and my Pilot lost complete control. It felt like someone was shaking my truck side to side. Then it all the sudden swerved left across the fast lane. I hit the cable barriers, I recall my window breaking and lots of loudness. I went through them into the oncoming North Bound traffic. I remember a car coming straight towards me. My car spun and I ended up going through the cable barriers again a little further down. Then I spun across the 3 Southbound lanes of traffic. The crazy thing is my car didn't just spin in one direction, it went one way then the other, then back the other way. It was surreal. I remember feeling like a hand pushed me back into my seat. Payton was really calm too. I ended up landing in the ditch on the side of the road. My truck was destroyed except where Payton was sitting not a scratch. Another amazing thing... I had been picking up donations for the auction - there was a pair of skis in there next to Payton's head. As soon as I landed in the ditch I was shaking so badly. I called 911 and they kept asking me questions, I was in shock so badly that I couldn't answer them. Three different ladies stopped to help me. I handed one of them the phone and she told them what happened. She was the lady that I spun right in front of her car. The lady that was the limo driver got Payton out of the car and made sure he was ok. I don't remember a lot about the 3rd lady, but I'm so grateful for those 3 ladies and for their willingness to help me. The police officer showed up. I told the lady to press 9 on my phone and it would call my mom, so she could come and get us. I called Kelvin (i had been on the phone with him 5 minutes before the accident - luckily I wasn't on the phone at all when it happened)I think he freaked out a little, but I had him stay at work, but send me a tow truck to take the Pilot back to his shop. the fire dept showed up to take us to the hospital but I didn't want to go, Payton had dun with the firefighters and loved their truck. He thought it was great that they let him run around outside in the ditch and play with him. they even gave him a little fireman's hat. My mom got to us and I called Hailee's school to let them know I was in an accident and Carolyn would be picking up Hailee. I called Steve (our agent) to let them know about the accident - I guess Michelle actually saw it, she was on the freeway when it happened. The tow truck showed up and took the pilot to the shop. Everyone at the shop was calling to make sure I was ok. Kel played a mean trick on Seth and told him he had a side job for him. Seth was like is that Ash's truck?! Kel said he could see the look on Seth's face as he was trying to figure out exactly how to fix it. It wasn't repairable - I totaled it. Kel told Seth he was kidding, it was totaled. I went and got a rental car - an Altima. It was pretty nice, it had push start which was kinda cool. Bill gave Payton and I both blessing that night. It assured us that we were saved and protected. I forgot to mention that we didn't even hit any other cars. And Heavenly Father had complete control, which I know with my whole heart is true. I just needed to learn this lesson in my life and know that He is with us and does have control in our lives. I know my Dad and Christopher were in that car with us and protecting us. AllState took great care of us, what a blessing they have been. After a few weeks we finally ended up getting a Toyota Tundra crew Max 4x4. It's an awesome car, more than we wanted to spend, but definitely better for us and our camping needs. We had been planning on getting another truck, just not this soon. Kelvin thinks and tells everyone it's his truck because I ruined my car and I don't get another one. So now he has 2 cars, it's funny when he slips and calls it my truck. Hailee gives him a hard time about it too.
The end of February Hailee turned 6! Kel always takes he out her birthday morning, this year she chose to go Coyote Hunting with him. I don't think she likes hunting as much as she doesn to just spend time with Kelvin. We just had a beach party at the park. She had a good time. I can't believe how big my little girl is getting. It seems like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms after she was born. She's so funny...every year on her birthday she always wears her Chick Bait earrings her Daddy gave her.
I got the auction all set up and it was kinda successful, I've raised about $4000, but have $3500 more to go. Everything has really fallen into place though. I'm staying with a wonderful family down in Corpus Christi while I'm getting my treatments. This week I've just been trying to get the house all cleaned and organized. The children situated with their various housing arrangements while I'm away. I'm going to try really hard to keep this updated this year.