Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip to the Fire Station

So Bill (my adoptive dad)is Captain for City of Phoenix Fire Department. Since the accident Payton talks about fire trucks non-stop. I asked Bill if we could come visit him at the station. The kids were so excited! When we first got there they were out on a call so we had to wait. The ambulance got back first so the kids got a tour of that and got to play inside. Hailee got to sit in the driver seat and look up our house on the computer. Payton was so excited when the truck got back. He ran over to Bill and sat in there with him. Bill strapped the kids into seats in the back and took us for a ride around the block. Payton was really excited to be in the truck but hated it's loudness. He was saying, "I don't fire truck!" He was glad when the ride was over.
After the ride Payton was playing with some of the other firefighters.

They even let him squirt the little fire truck. He thought that was great!

Then when we were all done and it was the 7 year anniversary of my dad's death, we stopped at the cemetery so the kids could see where their grandpa was buried. Hailee loved all the flowers and Payton loved the pinwheels.

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MP Flory said...

I saw your blog on my sister Tiffany Downey's and added to my family list on mine at mcdflory.blogspot.com. It sounds like you have had quite a year in 2010. Does anyone else in your fam have a blog too? Dana?