Friday, April 10, 2009

So much has happened

I haven't written anything on here in so long! Sorry~ I'm going to try to be better about that this year. To recap the last few months. Payton has cut more teeth, he now has his top front 4 bottom front 2 (that's right the other's are missing!) 4 molars and i K9 on top and the other side coming in as we speak. He's getting really fun to be around. He started talking alot more and making sounds. He pretty much copies Hailee all the time. When he sees anything that's a bird he goes..."Tweet!" It's so cute, I'll try to get a video of it, then this morning he was meowing. It's cute. Another favorite word is "Oh No!" and he grabs his cheeks.
Hailee, is doing really well, she is loving playing online games. She's been doing alot where it helping her to start reading. She's doing really well writing and recognizing her alphabet. She loves to go on the patio and draw or blow bubbles. And one day when we actually put a backyard that's not all rocks in the kids will be able to play out there.
In the last month, I started my own Graphic Design Company. It really is my passion and something that I love to do. With the help of my BNI group, it's really taken off and I'm doing really well and have been given some pretty large accounts. I'm super excited. I'm still a Senior Manager with Seriesse International (the Stallone's company) and it's amazing. I still am a consultant for Heritage Makers, but have kinda put it on the back burner and offering it a service with my graphic design. I've been trying to manage time between family - home - work - kids - school - etc and it gets a little crazy around here most of the time.
As far as Kel goes, he got a new boss a few months back and it really has been a very positive change. This guys really knows the industry and know what he's doing. He actually respects Kelvin and the decisions he makes as a Production/Sales manager. He's in charge of a multiple car line and really prides himself on being the best. He really work hard for our family. He also recently became the Secretary in the Elder's Quorum. He's made some new friends, they've really bonded because they ALL love to go shooting. So they all wake up really early on Saturday's and go out to the desert and shoot. It really neat when he gets home at night now because the kids run to him, they are so excited to see him. Paytie gets really mad when Kel puts him down, he's a snuggle bug. Hailee just wants to wrestle. So that's our basic run down of what's going on, hopefully I'll be writing some more soon!

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