Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crabby Baby!

So for the last couple of days Payton has been super crabby! I figured he was teething, but those bottom teeth won't come in! Anyways, last night, he wouldn't go to sleep so I went and got him out of his bed so he could see Kelvin. Kelvin was eating ice cream in our bed watching football of course. Payton crawled over to him and was signing and saying "more, more". Kel gave him a bite of ice cream. Then he thought that was good so he wanted more. Kel put some on a spoon then was teasing him putting it close to his mouth then pulling it back. Payton was laughing he thought it was so funny. Then Kelvin would give him a bite. Then Kelvin was tickling him and I noticed a white thing in his mouth. I stuck my finger in there and he had cut 3 molars. No wonder he was so crabby!

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Mike and Tiffany said...

Poor Payton! Teething is the worst! I bet that ice cream felt good though!!!